Dr Marie Kawthar Daouda

DDU Advisory Council

Dr Marie Kawthar Daouda is an author and a lecturer in French language and literature at Oriel College, University of Oxford. She was born and raised in Morocco and moved to France alone at 17 where she studied French, English, and Classics at Henri-IV and La Sorbonne. She is a fellow of the innovative on-line Ralston College, based in Savannah, US.

Dr Daouda’s research focuses on the artistic representation of good and evil in periods of political and religious crisis. She is involved in the public debate on freedom of speech, race, and artistic heritage. She is author of  L’Anti-Salomé, représentations de la féminité bienveillante au temps de la Décadence (1850-1910). She has contributed to UnHerd, the Telegraph and the Critic on issues like post-colonialism, Jewish Moroccan identity and French current affairs.