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“The fight to redefine racism” by Kelefa Sanneh

“Why nobody is systemically racist” by James Lindsay

“I am not BAME” by Ben Habib

“We need to talk about Black Lives Matter” by Andrew Doyle

The moral case against Black Lives Matter” Coleman Hughes interviewed by Freddie Sayers:


FILMED PANEL: “Dissecting Black Lives Matter and UK racism” with Anthony Joshua and panel in The Sun‘s ‘Time For Change’ debate

“Racism is a problem, white people are not” by Kenan Malik

Also see general writing on racism and critiques of identity politics by Kenan Malik:

FILMED PANEL: “Black and White Vision: Are we seeing racism everywhere?” Battle of Ideas festival (Oct 2018) AND

FILMED INTERVIEW: “The Problem with Black Lives Matter” Zuby interviewed on TRIGGERnometry

“Why Black Lives Matter are so dangerous” by Nick Buckley


“The problem with identity politics” Q&A with Asad Haider

“Race is not the disadvantage it once was in the UK” by Shabnam Nasimi

“Which Lives Matter?” by Ike Ijeh

“White Guilt and Black Power: the creation of the structural racism myth” by Tarjinder Gill


“Is unconscious-bias training the new Brain Gym?” by Kevin Rooney

“The insidious march of critical race theory in schools may be breaking the law” by Calvin Robinson

“Can you really teach kids not to be racist?” by Tom Chivers

“We’ve learned so much from dead white men – trying to remove them from history is madness” by Lindsay Johns

FILMED PANEL: “Decolonising Education: is the curriculum too white?” Battle of Ideas festival (November 2016) AND

FILMED PANEL: “CLR James and the Canon” Worldwrite film launch

“Review: Channel 4 ‘The School That Tried To End Racism’” by Howard Sherwood


“White fragility training and freedom of belief” by Helen Pluckrose


“The dehumanising condescension of White Fragility” by John McWhorter


“Keep critical race theory out of the classroom” by Adrian Hart


“Racial sensitivity training turned me into a confused racist” by Lloyd Evans

“On ‘White Fragility’” by Matt Taibbi


“Opening Pandora’s Box” by Greg Ashman


“Unravelling the concept of unconscious bias” by Jenny Bourne (Institute of Race Relations)


“Stop apologising for cultural appropriation” by Ralph Leonard


“Decolonising discourses as symptoms of morbidity” by Alka Sehgal Cuthbert


“The threat to civil liberties goes way beyond ‘cancel culture’” by Leigh Phillips

“The tyranny of groupthink” by Josef Joffe

“Is there still room for debate?” by Andrew Sullivan


When will the trade unions speak up?” by Paul Embery


FILMED INTERVIEW: “Taking on the woke movement and the culture wars” Claire Fox, interviewed by Steven Edginton

“We’re facing a tsunami of censorship” by Toby Young


PODCAST: “What to do when you’ve been cancelled – How to wean cancel culture addicts off their favourite drug” David Scullion, The Critic


“The statue-topplers are obsessed with white men and white history” by Tanjil Rashid


“Toppling statues won’t transform inner cities” by Matthew Syed

“Modern-day witchfinders won’t end the hate by pulling down statues — they’ll only fuel it” by Inaya Folarin Iman -8438005/Modern-day-witchfinders-wont-end-hate-pulling-statues-writes-Inaya-Folarin-Iman.html


FILMED DEBATE: “Revere or Remove? The Battle Over Statues, Heritage and History” organised Intelligence Squared with Historic England


FILMED DEBATE: “US congressional hearing on reparations for slavery” Ta-Nehisi Coates VS Coleman Hughes


“Culture wars are about our society” by Jeremy Black


“John Lewis: ‘good trouble’” by Kevin Yuill


FILM: “Every Cook Can Govern” first feature-length documentary to explore the life, writings and politics of the great Trinidad-born revolutionary C.L.R. James who died in Brixton in 1989


BOOK: “The Life and Times of Frederick Douglas”


PODCAST: “Race relations in the USA from the abolition of slavery after the American Civil War (1865), through Reconstruction, via Jim Crow, Martin Luther King, OJ Simpson, Rodney King, Trayvon Martin to Black Lives Matter and Statues”. Dr Cheryl Hudson interviewed by Ria Lina’s for Behind podcast


PODCASTS: “Clear and Present Danger – a History of Free Speech” a series of  podcasts by Jacob Mchangama, who guides listeners through the history of free speech from the trial of Socrates to the Great Firewall


“Black Lives Matter: A Guide to Teaching Sixth Formers about Racism and Inequality” by Free Speech Union

Debate motion: “Monuments to Controversial Historical Figures Should Remain” Click Here

“Britain should pay reparations for its colonial past” Click Here

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