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Voice on Race

DDU is not a charity and does not receive grants or official funding. We rely entirely on donations. We are a very small team, helped by volunteers. We have nothing to sell or offer but our promise that we will do our utmost to engage in the battle against divisive and anti-democratic beliefs about race which are emerging in new forms.

To date we have briefed MPs, special advisors and press; we write official letters and have persuaded the BBC to add an acknowledgement on their Newsround website that White Privilege is a contested idea. We have produced two landmark reports that have exposed the pernicious influence of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion policies in public institutions, especially schools, and we have organised public events on the chilling effects of Islamaphobia and contemporary antisemitism.

To continue and expand our work, we need your help. If you support what we are doing, please consider making a donation – regular payments are especially helpful for longer term planning, but all donations help!