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Our beliefs

  • We should treat everyone as an individual worthy of respect regardless of race, religion or the colour of their skin
  • We call this colourblind anti-racism – it is based on freedom and tolerance – and we believe it is the best way to counter prejudice where it does exist
  • Today’s so-called anti-racism sees group identity before it sees a person and risks reinforcing prejudice by dividing us into a world of victims and oppressors
  • Britain is a successful multi-cultural society with a positive story to tell about race relations
  • We won’t benefit from importing divisive political ideas from the US that don’t reflect our history and which undermine our shared values today

An investigation into anti-racist third-party organisations in schools

Watch the report launch with Alka Sehgal Cuthbert in conversation with Allison Pearson.

Our second report zooms in on the third-party organisations who are promoting these radical political beliefs in schools through EDI provision:

  • Britain is an institutionally racist country due to a selective account of its past
  • White people are privileged
  • Black people can only succeed if white people make space for them
  • Colour-blind approaches to inequality are not respectable beliefs
  • Impartiality in schools is a problem

These groups operate in ways that avoid public accountability, political responsibility, and have very little basis in established academic/educational sources of authority. Any government that takes democracy, freedom of speech and tolerance seriously also needs to take education seriously.

Read the full report here.

Read the press coverage here.

New campaign

DDU launches a petition to oppose indoctrination in schools 

Lionel Shriver, Toby Young, Claire Fox, Matthew Goodwin, Inaya Folarin Iman, William Clouston, Allison Pearson, Jonathan Sumption, Tim Luckhurst, Tony Sewell, Ben Cobley, Joanna Williams, Eric Kaufmann, Stuart Waiton, James Esses and many others agree. 

“We believe that our common humanity is indivisible.” 

DDU Director Alka Sehgal Cuthbert Introduces Don’t Divide Us to Andrew Doyle

DDU Supporter’s Open Letter to Ministers on
Positive Action Schemes in Universities

DDU supporter Amber Muhinyi’s open letter to ministers explains why racial eligibility in Higher Education student schemes is not just morally wrong, but contravenes the Equality Act itself. The letter has been co-signed by numerous academics and sent to relevant ministers.

Read the letter here.

Anyone working in academia can still have their name added – just drop us a line at:

Alka Sehgal Cuthbert discusses third-party ‘activist educators’ on GB News

Alka was a guest on Free Speech Nation with Andrew Doyle on Sunday 2 April. She talked about how the imposition of new ideologies on our institutions which re-racialising society, seeing racial problems where few, if any, exist. The result is the creation of divisions, between pupils and between colleagues.

Planet Normal: 2 March 2023

Alka Sehgal Cuthbert joined hosts Allison Pearson and Liam Halligan on the Telegraph‘s podcast to discuss how schools are teaching children that Britain is systematically racist and to warn parents to be alert to indoctrination in schools.

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A secondary school teacher’s experience of anti-racism

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Who’s in charge?
A report on councils’ anti-racist policies for schools

In 2021 we were alerted by concerned parents and teachers to a divisive and partisan teacher professional development course, Racial Literacy 101, being sponsored by Brighton and Hove Council. Our whistleblowers revealed contentious advice to teachers, with the council recommending lesson plans that focused on racial division being taught to children as young as five. Following widespread concern in Parliament, the Education Secretary, Rt. Hon Nadim Zahawi MP, launched an enquiry and we await its publication.

In light of that experience, alongside curriculum examples we have received from parents and teachers elsewhere over the past two years, we set out to develop a granular picture of how Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (“EDI”) and anti-racist policies are being implemented by local councils across England and Wales. Alongside this, we sought the views of parents to test whether public thinking was aligned to the strategic direction being promoted by local councils. What we found is deeply concerning and demonstrates a widening gulf between parents and those tasked with the education of their children.


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