School voices

Schools are at the cutting edge of attempts to impose ideas about ‘white privilege’ and ‘institutional racism’. We’ve created School Voices to give educators, students and governors the chance to share their experiences.

A secondary school teacher’s experience of anti-racism

The author is a secondary teacher of many years who wishes to remain anonymous. The summer term of 2020, still in lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, was spent doing online learning as schools were still closed. We had got into a fairly good routine, albeit with online lessons. It is a school in the […]

Challenging contentious race content as a school governor

A London school governor decided he couldn’t ignore his unease with the school’s anti-racist training (presented by an external third-party anti-racist trainer). He offered his considered objections, and found others agreed. The trainer’s recommendations are not being adopted wholesale. We hope more governors will follow! The local authority’s schools improvement partner enquired about ‘racial justice’ […]

The Student Who Disagreed (and was brave enough to speak out)

Lest we think all young people agree with identitarian political ideas, Peter Hosangady, a 17-year-old college student, writes about what can happen in a classroom when a teacher confesses apologetically that he is the bearer of ‘white privilege’ and may not be able to teach ‘Black History’ very well. The effect is not liberatory or reassuring […]

A primary teacher’s experience of anti-racist training

In September, all the staff in my primary school in East London took part in training, titled ‘Working Towards an Anti-Racist Curriculum’. The training was run by Global Learning London, who explained that we were going to move from a non-racist school to an anti-racist school. They explained that this would be a tough and […]