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Media coverage for DDU’s report, ‘Who are the experts?’

DDU’s second report, Who Are the Experts? An investigation into anti-racist third-party organisations in schools received wide coverage, both for the report itself and for specific findings within it. (You can read the report here.) Contested racial views taught as fact, says pressure groupThe Times, 11 July 2023 Pupils are being subjected to a “radical […]

Once more unto the breach: arguments against decolonisation

Richard Norrie argues that decolonising universities will produce a poorer curriculum and ever-greater bureaucratic interference. Those who have really put themselves on the line to fight racism, like Nelson Mandela (aged 19, above), were inspired by the very philosophy and literature today’s radicals reject. We often find ourselves having to get to grips with new […]

Responses to Tate Britain’s rehang

On 23 May 2023, Tate Britain revealed a major reorganisation of the way its collection is displayed. The new galleries, says Tate, ‘explore art in its social context, revealing how artists responded to the cultural, political, economic and technological changes they lived through’. Here, Hana Abdulati and Rudra Simitri, two sixth-form students interested in art, […]

Challenging contentious race content as a school governor

A London school governor decided he couldn’t ignore his unease with the school’s anti-racist training (presented by an external third-party anti-racist trainer). He offered his considered objections, and found others agreed. The trainer’s recommendations are not being adopted wholesale. We hope more governors will follow! The local authority’s schools improvement partner enquired about ‘racial justice’ […]