New film: The Fall of Minneapolis

The Black Lives Matter protests after the death of George Floyd in May 2020 spread like wildfire and gave the green light for those in positions of leadership, mouldering under, among other things, the effects of years of technocracy and the frustrations of lockdown, to emerge with shiny new EDI/Active Anti-Racism policies. Few stopped to think or ask questions of the orthodoxy that became so quickly accepted.

After watching this startling new documentary by Alpha News about the circumstances leading to the death of George Floyd, the trial and the responses, John McWhorter concludes ‘We were lied to’. Though meticulously researched, the film is decidedly partisan in that it focuses on the reactions of the police, and omits facts such as a list of complaints against Derek Chauvin, the office convicted of Floyd’s death.

But, nonetheless, the police’s voice has been largely absent from much public coverage, so this provides a much needed counter to a narrative that automatically paints all police as oppressors. It also graphically illustrates what can happen when all authority collapses; it is not a pretty sight.

You can watch the film here:

DDU Advisory Council member Inaya Folarin Imam has written a lengthy article about the film for the Daily Mail – it’s well worth reading:

The documentary that dares question everything you think you know about the police killing of a black man that convulsed the world, Daily Mail, 23 December 2023.

DDU supporter Howard Sherwood has also offered his own thoughts for The Conservative Woman:

Questions that should make BLM think again about the ‘murder’ of George Floyd, The Conservative Woman, 18 January 2024

You can watch Glenn Loury and John McWhorter discuss the firm here: