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New film: The Fall of Minneapolis

A new film from Alpha News challenges the narrative about George Floyd’s death that inspired both Black Lives Matter protests and the wave of EDI/anti-racism policies across institutions and big business.

Mainstreaming jihad

Prakash Shah argues that the left’s identification of revolutionary potential in Islamic fundamentalism is creating a paradigmatic shift in a public understanding in which Islamist fundamentalism, once associated with criminal violence, is now associated with  ‘resistance’. 

UNCANCELLED: Indoctrination or Education?

Following her shocking cancellation from a recent education conference, the Free Speech Union (FSU) was delighted to be able to re-platform the debate between Dr Alka Sehgal Cuthbert, director of Don’t Divide Us (DDU), film studies teacher Toby Marshall, Dr Ruth Wareham, lecturer in Philosophy of Education at the University of Birmingham, and John Marrill, teacher of history and politics. The debate took place on Monday 16 October with audience members both ‘in the room’ and online.