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Schools are being reracialised

The Independent Review into Racism in Scottish Cricket

DDU supporter, teacher and sports fan, Mark McConnell looked at how the burgeoning Equality, Diversity and Inclusion industry is primed to dismantle and reshape our public bodies in its image.  EDI bodies like Plan4Sport are committed to finding ‘proof’ to justify more diversity training than in understanding, or addressing, material problems that some groups in […]

Laïcité and the Need for a Narrative-in-Common

Recently, DDU supporter and lecturer Marie Kawthar Daouda presented a thoughtful and thought-provoking essay which considers the historical development of Laïcité in legal and philosophical terms. She questions whether Laïcité is as universal as some claim, and if it is capable of providing the resources needed for French society to be able to integrate its […]

Academic Decolonisation: the Slippery Slope of Dismantling Knowledge

The discourse surrounding academic decolonisation furnishes today’s intellectual and moralistic justifications for racism. There are different strands of thinking that fall under the umbrella term ‘Decolonising Education’. Some student activists in South Africa want to scrap the existing curriculum outright. Among academics, particularly in the UK, a more moderate claim made is that strategies for decolonisation can […]